The Process

Building a Relationship Based on Trust, and sound financial concepts is our key to success at The Wealth Care Group, LLC.

The Process of getting started on your road to financial security seems overwhelming at times, but we at The Wealth Care Group, LLC, take time to ensure that your planning decisions are based on:

  • Information specific to your needs and situation. 
  • Simple plans that you can understand.
  • Useful tools and financial concepts that can help you achieve  your goals.
  • A focus on your top priorities while keeping the big picture in our minds.

The overall course of action is as follows:

  • Schedule and convenient time to meet with an advisor that will allow you to get acquainted.
  • Be prepared to learn and share in your first meeting because you may learn some new concepts and you will need to share some of your thoughts and feelings with your advisor, in order for that person to work up some ideas for you.  Remember your plan can only be as good as the information the advisor has to work from,  Financial information is usually gathered here as well, so you must have confidence in the person you are working with enough to share this type of personal information. 
  • Once that advisor gathers the information, this is usually the point in which you part ways for the time being and set up a follow-up meeting to discuss some solutions to the issues at hand. 
  • Based on the information you provided the advisor, they will go to work on some different scenarios that could help to improve your situation or get you closer to the goals you are trying to accomplish. 
  • When you come back together for a second meeting, your advisor will first review what you talked about in your previous meeting to make sure everything was correctly understood. 
  • You will then be presented a custom designed set of solutions for the goals you have previously identifed. 
  • After taking time to review and understand all of your options associated with meeting your goals, it is now time for action.  If you are comfortable with the ideas and products presented then it would be time to go ahead with the application processes in order to get your planning into effect.
  • Once the application process is completed, your advisor will contact you in order to get back together for a review of everything and to deliver to you, your respective policies if (if applicable).
  • If you are satisfied with the services you have been provided, we always appreciate any referrals you may have, to share with us.  We run an ever growing company and would enjoy giving the same level of time and service to any of your family or friends that you feel may beneifit from the type of work we do.
  • As with any plan, things have a tendancy to change over the years.  This is why it is important for us to have annual review meetings, or if you are comfortable with the way things are, then we will make every effort to be available to meet with you to discuss any changes or concerns at your discretion.

It may seem complicated, but at The Wealth Care Group, LLC, we make it as simple as possible.  We want to educate you enough to feel comfortable, and at the same time add to your comfort with your plan by reassuring you with our experience and resources. 

We look forward to becoming acquainted and building a solid business friendship.




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